Flutterwave Scandal: A Detailed Review

Introduction The Flutterwave scandal has captured significant attention in the financial and tech sectors. As a rapidly growing fintech company, Flutterwave has been lauded for its innovative solutions in online payment systems. However, recent controversies have cast a shadow over its achievements. This article delves into the details of the scandal, examining the allegations, responses,…

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What is Needed to Be a Professional Trader?

Introduction Becoming a professional trader is a goal that many aspire to but few achieve. The journey to professional trading is demanding and requires a blend of knowledge, skills, discipline, and psychological resilience. This article will explore in detail what is needed to be a professional trader, covering essential aspects such as education, strategies, risk…

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Key Indicators and Charts in Futures Trading

Futures trading is a lively and profitable field, drawing traders looking for chances to make money in different finance markets such as commodities, currencies or stock indices. Traders depend on a variety of tools and methods to handle the complexities of futures trading; important indicators and charts are among these. So, open stock trading account to get…

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